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Message from the President

Namaste and Greetings from ASON,

Arthroscopy has come a long way in Nepal since it first started in Bir Hospital, Kathmandu, in the late 1980s. With passage of time, it has become a popular subspeciality in Orthopaedic Surgery amongst young surgeons. It is now being practised in joints other than the knee in Nepal. In this era of minimally invasive surgery, it is rapidly gaining popularity amongst both surgeons and patients.


There have been many challenges along the way of development of arthroscopic surgery in Nepal. The challenges have been technical: it is not an easy surgery to perform initially and the learning curve is quite steep. The challenges have been financial too: the poor economy of our country means many  patients cannot afford the costly surgery and many smaller hospitals cannot afford to keep expensive arthroscopy equipments. There have been logistic challenges as well: since the Nepali market is very small, dealers often keep inadequate stock of the required implants which are also not replaced when used, many a times.


As we consistently struggled to overcome these challenges, we started to organise ourselves. We  started off as a subcommittee of Nepal Orthopaedic Association in 2014 and developed into a society, the Arthroscopy Society of Nepal (ASON) in 2015.


ASON came into existence to promote arthroscopic surgery as a subspeciality, to promote its awareness, to provide means of academic activities, resources and technology transfer in the field of arthroscopic surgery in Nepal. We aim to also collaborate with surgeons/societies outside our country which we believe will help us to grow in knowledge and skills more rapidly.


On the job training and mentoring of the younger surgeon in arthroscopy by the more senior surgeon has been the norm since the inception of arthroscopic services in Nepal. Fellowships in the country will be one step ahead in this direction. Discussions have been taking place about laying down criteria for developing NMC recognised fellowships in our country. 


We are organising our 2nd Annual Arthroscopy Society of Nepal on 8-9 November, 2019 in Kathmandu. The theme of the conference is "Scope of Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine in Nepal". We hope to stimulate and inspire the younger surgeons so that in due course of time, they can develop their knowledge and skills to lead this society to greater heights. We invite you and encourage you to find some time to join us for our 2nd annual conference in November which we are certain will be useful to all of us who are interested in arthroscopy. 


With best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Shishir Lakhey

President, Arthroscopy Society of Nepal